Mangal Pandey Biography

Friends, Today our country is independent, great revolutionaries have given the freedom to India. Thousands of revolutionaries have sacrificed to give freedom to India, then our country became independent on 15 August 1947.

Friends, today we are going to talk about India’s first freedom fighter. Yes, friends, we are talking about Mangal Pandey, who has become a martyr for the defence of his country and religion.

Mangal Pandey was a soldier in the Bengal Native Infantry of the East India Company. After some time, Mangal Pandey was the first person to start a rebellion against the British government. Hence Mangal Pandey is called the first freedom fighter.

Let friends know in detail about the life of Mangal Pandey (history of Mangal Pandey)

Biography Of Mangal Pandey

  • Born:- 19 June 1827, Nagwa, Ballia district, Company India
  • Died:- 8 April 1857 (aged 29), Barrackpore, Calcutta, Company India
  • Cause of death:- Hanging by the British Government.
  • Father Name:- Divakar Pandey
  • Mother Name:- Abhairani Pandey
  • Occupation:- a soldier in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry of the British East India Company
  • Known for:- First Indian independence fighter.

Early Life Of Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey was born on 19 June 1827 in  Nagwa village of Ballia district and he was born in a Brahmin family. His father’s name was Diwakar Pandey and his mother’s name was Mrs Abhay Rani.

Although there is no clear mention of the childhood of Mangal Pandey, according to historians, Mangal Pandey belonged to a middle-class family. And Mangal Pandey was Strong, and brave from childhood and he was fond of wrestling.

Mangal Pandey’s family’s financial condition was not good, so at the age of 22 years (1849), Mangal Pandey joined the army of the British East India Company.

Mangal Pandey used to parade very fast and was a very Brave soldier, so he was included in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry.

Incidents Of Cow And Pig Fat

In the early times, Mangal Pandey was very happy and excited about his army job. Mangal Pandey wanted to do his job with full dedication and hard work.

But after some time, Mangal Pandey came to know the truth about British officers, That, British officers exploit and torture Indians.

Seeing the tyranny of the British officers, Mangal Pandey started hating the British government. Then suddenly an incident occurred after which Mangal Pandey’s hatred for the British government increased.

It happened that in 1857, the British government included a new cartridge in the weapons of the soldiers, named the Enfield P53 rifle.

And before using these new cartridges, they had to be opened by mouth, And a rumour spread among the Indian soldier, that cow and pig fat is used to make these cartridges.

The army of British East India consisted of people of both Hindu and Muslim faiths.

For Hindus, the cow is the mother and the cow is worshipped.

So all the soldiers were very angry, but Mangal was not quite sure about this, he felt that the British government would not cheat the soldiers.

Then, Mangal Pandey went to the place where cartridges were made, There was a really fat pig and cow, Seeing all this Mangal Pandey became very angry.

Mangal Pandey’s Rebellion

After this, Mangal Pandey started making all the Indian soldiers aware of the tyranny of the British Government.

Now many soldiers started opposing the British government. On 19 February 1857, new cartridges were distributed among the soldiers, but Mangal Pandey refused to take the cartridges.

And started opposing the British officers fiercely, seeing this protest the British officer ordered Mangal Pandey to leave the job.

Murder Of British Officer Major Huhsan

On 29 March 1857, the British officer Major Hughson proceeded to snatch the rifle of Mangal Pandey, but Mangal attacked Hughson and kill.

After, killing a British officer, Mangal Pandey managed to escape from there. The British government ordered all officers to arrest Mangal Pandey.

Hanging Of Mangal Pandey Death Of Mangal Pandey)

Mangal Pandey survived British officers for some time, but Mangal Pandey knew that he could not survive British officers for much longer.

But Mangal Pandey did not want to die from the shot by the British, so he shot himself, but he did not die. 

And Mangal Pandey was arrested by the British officers in an injured state.

Then, some time Mangal Pandey was treated and when he recovered completely, he was sentenced to death. B

ut the Indian soldiers were very angry. seeing the anger of Indians, and Fearing opposition from Indian soldiers, British officers hanged On 8 April 1857, Mangal Pandey 10 days before the scheduled date.

Military Rebellion (First Freedom Struggle)

After the death of Mangal Pandey, there was a lot of anger among all the Indian soldiers, they started demanding independence.

Indian soldiers started revolting against the British government, and a slowly large number of people started joining this rebellion.

A month after the death of Mangal Pandey, On 10 May 1857, the revolt started from Meerut Cantonment, And then slowly, the rebellion started against the British government in the whole of North India.

The British government thwarted this rebellion of soldiers, but due to the sacrifice of many revolutionaries like Mangal Pandey, became India independent on 15 August 1947.

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