Best locations to buy Property in Patna

Patna is the capital of Bihar, is an ancient city that has always been a center of art and learning. Earlier it was known as Patliputra and lounging around the south bank of the holy river Ganga. Patna is home to many cultural things and a beautiful museum.

Patna is developing at an exponential rate and emerging as a smart city with many world-class facilities such as educational institutes (schools, colleges & universities), IT center, healthcare facilities, and many infrastructural development projects. The people of Patna trying their luck in a wide range of startups and even getting success. The IT industries and Real estate industries have boomed in the last few decades at a faster pace. If someone is looking for best locations to buy a property in Patna, there are many locations with all facilities can give them high return of investment in future.

Here is the list of best locations in Patna to buy residential and commercial property in Patna.

Boring Road Patna:

Officially Boring Road is known as Jai Prakash Narayan Path. Boring Road is one of the most amazing places to live if you want to buy individual house in Patna. Majority of the retired IAS and IPS officers have their uber-luxurious homes in this area of Patna.

Property in Danapur:

Danapur also known as Dinapur Nizamat or Dinapur is a satellite town of Patna. Danapur is one of the best localities for those looking for a quaint and calm neighborhood in Patna. Danapur is the city of satellite town that is undergoing a rapid development. You can find residential and commericial property at procket friendly price as compared to other areas like Bailey Road or Boring Road of Patna.

Property in Bihta:

For those who want to buy a property in Patna or its neighboring area, Bihta is a strategic location. Bihta is named as greater Patna. Many Real Estate companies are investing there economy in Bihta and growing fastly. Bihta is the perfect location for invest investment. Many top builders in India have shown interest in this locality and a number of residential projects in Bihta are under the funnel.

Bailey Road Patna:

The Bailey Road connects Patna with Danapur. Bailey Road runs through the heart of the city and has some of the most luxuriously built residences throughout. The important landmarks of Patna like Patna Women’s College, Patna Secretariat, Patna Zoo, Delhi Public School, Bihar Museum, Paras Hospital, Patna Junction Railway Station and Patna Airport lie on or near this road.

Patna is attracting people from all parts of Bihar and it’s nearby areas because of its economic growth, improving standards of living, and amazing education opportunities.

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