Questions to Ask a Yard Sign Company

If you want to surprise your family members or friends on a special occasion, a yard sign would be a great way to do it!  And many of the people behind the companies that make these signs, are on a mission to brighten someone’s day!

The 3-foot letter signs in your garden or on your front lawn are fun and certainly stand out. So, if you want to get a yard sign for a party or a special occasion, here are some critical questions that one should ask the yard sign company before hiring them. It can help you decide if the company is the right choice for your needs.

What Type of Signs Does the Company Offer?

Some of the common yard signs you will find are for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, or congratulatory messages. But what if you want to set up a more personalized sign? Can the company cater to your request? So be sure to ask about their specialties and whether or not they can accommodate your requests.

Will the Company Setup the Sign?

So you reserve a sign you like, but will you have to set the sign up on your own, or will the company take care of it? Before you book the yard sign, enquire what services are included in the rental price.

Will the Company Remove the Yard Sign?

The company typically sets up the sign but will they also take it down? Inquire about the responsibility for removing the sign. Choose to work with a local dealer because they can quickly reach you and take care of the installation and removal process.

What Happens If the Signs Cannot be Set Up Due to Bad Weather?

Yard signs should usually hold themselves upright in windy weather, depending on their quality. But what happens if the weather gets really bad?

So it’s important to look for a company that can reschedule your order in the event of inclement weather. If the bad weather persists and the company cannot proceed with the installation, you should be entitled to a full refund.  It’s a good idea to ask ahead of time about these kinds of scenarios.

What is the Process of Renting a Yard Sign?

Do you have to visit the vendor’s office, or can you reserve the sign online? Generally, it is a straightforward booking process of providing the yard sign message, location, and date details. Then, the local dealer will contact you to confirm the information provided, and once you make the payment, the company should confirm your booking.

Can I Remotely Rent and Pay For the Sign?

Let’s say that you are in a different state or country but want to surprise your sibling on their graduation day and therefore need to do the whole process remotely. Does the company have a good protocol and system setup for this? If you find yourself in a situation where you need to place an order remotely, it would be important to understand if the company is well equipped for doing business remotely. When looking for a yard sign company, consider the type of signs they offer, customization options, cost, installation, removal, and booking process. A yard sign is a fun and creative way to celebrate a joyous occasion with your loved ones, even when you are apart.


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