Successful business owners Stories

1. Jeff Brodsly: Working Through Tight Finances

Jeff Brodsly

“Compartmentalize… when budgets got real lean, I compartmentalized the immediate pain of a tight budget and kept the long term goal in mind.”

2. Doug Burgoyne: Work-Related Stress

Doug Burgoyne

“My philosophy on managing my attitude when things are stressful focuses around four things: Mission, Vision, Values and a Realistic view of the financial situation.”

3. Retha Sandler: Feeling Stuck In Business

Retha Sandler

“I make 100 decisions a day, 99 of which I don’t want to think about. The little things cannot be ignored and take up a big portion of your time as a business owner, but keeping the big picture in focus is vital to survival.”

4. Loredo Rucchin: Handling Online Staffing Problems

Loredo Rucchin

“As you grow, your challenges will change dramatically. If you are operating your business mostly or even partially online, you need a good IT team (yes, you need to hire multiple people) to keep your website stable, secure and operating smoothly.”

5. Adam Anthony: Obstacle To Your Position

Adam Anthony

“To maintain a healthy perspective we take inventory of the great attributes of our company… Instead of cringing at challenges, we try to savor them… and reflect upon past triumphs.”

6. Mohan Varkey: Difficult Media And Public Perception

Mohan Varkey

“Keep in mind that consistency is key. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the same old thing, but ensure that you’re consistently good at one thing to keep your business running. “

7. Dave DuPont: Handling Unplanned Change

Dave DuPont

“Perspective allows me to know that just about any successful business does not follow the plan it starts out with… Groupon [for example] was originally a cause-based message board. Call it adjusting or pivoting, whatever. I call it ‘zagging.’”

8. Ellen Rohr: Getting Ready For A Shake-Up

Ellen Rohr

“Once a week, I review my business plan, review our top projects list, look through the marketing calendar and the financials. I believe you plan or get planned for.”

9. Christian T. Russell: Defying Existential Crises

Christian T

“You HAVE to know your purpose for running your company in the first place! Why does your business exist? Who do you serve? What do they need most from you, right now? 99% of business owners do not take the time for this introspection.”

10. J.T. O’Donnell: Getting A Challenge For Control Of Your Business

J.T. O’Donnell

“I remind myself that nobody is making me do this. I chose to build a company… I can stop if I want. This always reminds me that I’d be miserable doing anything else.”

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