Abigail Pande Yoga Posture

A few days ago TV actor Aashka Goradia promoted the art of nude Yoga on her social media account. This time her friend Abigail Pandey has shared bold photo of her on social media while doing a yoga posture. She is popular in with her fans by the name “Yoga Girl”. In the caption TV actress written an inspirational note #nuedisnormal.

Her caption is”I was shy and scared and fearful of taking a shot that might make me feel liberated. Only because I kept thinking what others would think, my friend and also my photographer plus bodyguard in the moment @aashkagoradia said “Abby, let go off the fear of what others think, it won’t make you feel empowered.” Just in that moment I let go off, in my mind I knew there is no watching me but me, and just in that moment I had to let go, for me. Here’s my story what’s yours? #nuedisnormal”

Alongwith, this photo Pande also posted a beautiful video with her friend Goradia, where she is seen performing pole dance with a caption. The caption of the video reads, “#polerbears @aashkagoradia We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, me and you.~ Sylvia Plath #dosti #onelove.”

Her photographs of yoga are attracting fans towards yoga.

Abigail Pandey is a famous actress from TV insustry. She has done tremendous acting in serials “Kya dil mein hai” and “Hamase hai Life”.

According to her close friends, she is very aware about her fitness. It may be because of her fitness she has tremendous fans of followers.


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