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Playing games with your partner or friend can be a unique way to spend quality time with them. No matter how old you may be, playing a puzzle game with your favorite people will always remain a great way of spending time together. Puzzle games further offer players the chance to give their brains good exercise. This article has compiled the five best puzzle games for you to try out with your partner or friend. So, check it out now:  

1. Escape room games

Escape rooms have received immense love from people worldwide. From children to adults, everyone enjoys their time playing these inquisitive games. In an escape room game, players will find themselves locked inside a room with no escape. The only way out of the escape room is by solving the different riddles and puzzles present inside the room.

Even virtual escape rooms are also in the craze. I recently played a Breakout virtual escape room game with my friends. Not only did I enjoy spending time together with my friends after a long time, but I could also indulge in some exercises.

Nowadays, you can come across escape rooms based on various themes. From horror-themed escape games to those based on popular movies, there is almost no end to the kinds of articles that you can find in these games. Inside each room, you will spot life-like props and authentic sets, making your gaming experience come alive before your eyes. 

2. We Were Here

We Were Here forms a part of a chain of four independent puzzle adventure games. The game strongly relies on a stream of communication between players. The series’ first game opens up with the players separated from each other while they step inside an abandoned castle. The only tool that players have access to is a walkie-talkie. They can use the walkie-talkie to communicate with one another.

In this way, players will gradually make their way through the game. As they proceed, the game will test the strength of their relationship. Each player will further have access to the hints of puzzles the other player faces. 

The ultimate aim of the game is for players to find their way out of the game. The thrilling and suspenseful ambiance will immerse players in the game. The fact that each player has a unique gaming experience is what makes the game all the more alluring for players. 

3. Maze King

Solving a maze can always provide great exercise for your brain. Further, the more extensive and more channels you have in the maze, the trickier the escape! Maze King is an immersive maze game where you can utilize your problem-solving abilities. There are various levels in the game, with each group offering tricky and challenging mazes you must escape.

As beginners, players can always start with the stage mode to understand how the game works. You can change the game mode to the multiplayer version if needed based on how many players you are playing the game with. You can invite your friends or partner with a quick link and play the game with them! 

4. Portal 2

The Portal series of games is yet another fun and exciting puzzle adventure you can try out with your friend or partner. The games in this series are undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and heart-palpitating game chases you could ever imagine. Out of all the different games in this series, Portal 2 is primarily known for its co-op gaming mode.

The game strategically puts into use various algorithms of advanced physics, together with incorporating diverse forms of obstacles. Portal 2 makes players face increasingly tricky and mind-boggling challenges. 

Players need to work in sync with one another, alongside having the perfect timing. The game remains one of the best multiplayer puzzle games that one could ever encounter. You can also enjoy playing the game in its immersive two-player mode. 

5. Sudoku


Sudoku is that old classic puzzle game that never seems to grow old! Whether you are playing it alone or with your friend/partner, you can always find the element of fun in this game. It is a curious mind-boggling puzzle game featuring numbers. 

You can find several levels of difficulty in this game. You can enjoy playing sudoku while you sit down with some snacks and challenge your friend to finish a puzzle before you. 

The game also offers hints in case you get stuck at any level of the game. One of the game’s unique features is how it allows players to make an infinite number of inputs. Hence, even if you make a mistake in one of the inputs, you can always try again!


With that, our list of the top 5 puzzle games ends. So, go ahead and check out these games now! So, go ahead and check out these games now!

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