Black Friday

It’s the day for deals-lovers: Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. You will always find the best discounts on shopping.

Black Friday is celebrated on 29 November in all the countries of the world. This day is known for Christmas shopping. Earlier it was celebrated only in countries like America and Canada. But now this day is celebrated in all the countries of the world. The reason behind this is also the e-commerce platforms which offer bumper discounts on international products on this day.

Black Friday is celebrated on the next day of Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day) in America. It is traditionally considered to be exclusively for Christmas shopping. Especially popular in the United States, the prevalence of this day is increasing in all countries. On this day, many retailers open their shops at four in the morning or before.

America started black friday sale

It is said that Black Friday Sale was started by America. In India, this cell was first started by eBay shopping site in the year 2018. Now Indian customers also wait for the Black Friday Sale. Big e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay are included in Black Friday Sale. In this, Indian customers get the opportunity to buy many international products. However, many of the products included in the sale are not delivered in India. Therefore, just like America, Black Friday sale is becoming a big hit in India, because during the sale, foreign brand products are available at cheap prices.

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