Halloween Day

Halloween is a special festival celebrated in Western countries. Its hangover has started climbing many countries. Celebrated on 31 October every year, the people of this festival are preparing for the world. In many countries including America, Britain, Japan, Mexico, people become ‘ghosts’ with a variety of make-up and dress.

Halloween Day is celebrated for the peace of the ancestors’ souls. This festival is especially celebrated in America, England and European countries. Now slowly it is being celebrated in India too. This is a day for the kids to pick up neighbors and chocolates! Halloween Day is also called All Hallows Evening, All Halloween, All Holos Eve and All Saints Eve. This day is the last day of the Celtic calendar. Hence it is celebrated among the Celtic people as the beginning of the new year.

Actually Halloween began long ago. During the harvest season, farmers believed that evil spirits could harm their crops by coming to the earth. So they used to take frightful form to scare them away. But in the modern era, it has become a fun and a good way to have a holiday. Gradually, its popularity is also increasing significantly.

On this day people wear scary clothes and go to people’s homes and take candy. Whom trick or treat. According to Irish folklore, it is customary to make Jack o-Lantern on Halloween. People place candles inside the hollow pumpkin by making eyes, nose and mouth. It is then deposited and buried. In many places people party on Halloween Day and play a variety of games. The most played game on this day is dunking or apple bobbing which is called dunking in Scotland. In it, apples float in a tub or large basin of water and then participants have to remove it from their teeth.

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