Railway Ministry Piyush Goyal shares Horrifying

The Railway Ministry Piyush Goyal shares Horrifying – On Tuesday the Indian Railways Ministry Piyush Goyal shared a Tiktok video of the stunt in a moving train.

A recent video of a man trying to get down from a moving train shows to what extent people can go to become stars on TikTok and what kind of stunts they are ready to pull.

Minister of Railways and Commerce, Piyush Goyal tweet with the caption, “Chalti train main stunt dikhana bahaduri nahi, murkhta ki nishani hai. Aapka jeewan amulya hai, isse khatre main naa dale. Niyamo ka palan kare, aur surakshit yatra ka anand le.”

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The clip went viral within a few hours of sharing. It garnered over 29k views and over 6.3k likes.

TikTok is one app that has made an impact on people of all age groups. In past a lot of lives have been lost to TikTok and crazy stunts.


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