Shabana Azmi shares hilarious Image

You must have read many such translations of English to Hindi or Hindi to English on streets, which may have made you laugh. Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi posted a picture of a signboard on her Instagram account is an extremely hilarious one. In the photo, the signboard had instructions by the Airports Authority Of India for travelers at Chennai airport.

The instruction in Hindi is, “Farsh par khana sakht mana hai,” for which the translation in English would be, “Eating on the floor is strictly prohibited.”

However the instruction in english is written on the signboard is “Eating carpet is strictly prohibited.” which means “farsh ko khaana sakht mana hai”. Shabana Azmi posted the photo with the caption, “Really?!”

Because of one word, the whole message has been changed:

After she posted the photo on her Instagram account, Bollywood celebrities quick to reply with funny comments on it “Amaze,” wrote actress Swara Bhaskar,

Here’s what Netizens are saying about the signboard. “Carpet might be too chewy to eat,” said one commenter.

hilarious Image

Nevertheless, this is not the first time that a mistake has resulted in unintentionally hilarious messages.


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