Sikh Boy Teases The Dogs With His Bhangra Moves

A video of a youthful Sikh kid doing the Bhangra dance moves before two French Bulldogs has overwhelmed the web. The video, which has been shared on a few online media platforms, shows the kid vivaciously showing his dance moves on another side of the gate of the house. The short video is certainly one of the most amusing things on the web and it has been tremendously cherished by viewers.

The short video of just 49 seconds, starts with the young boy doing the Bhangra while remaining on the other side of the gate. As he keeps moving, the two French bulldogs, who are on the opposite side of the closed gate, can be seen bouncing and woofing while at the same time viewing the kid. At a certain point, when the kid stop moving, the french bulldogs likewise stop bouncing and hung tight for him to begin once more. When the kid starts doing the means once more, the two little guys on the other hand begin bouncing energetically.

People are commenting on it – ‘Best Bhangra Ever!’’

Since shared, the video has left netizens interested. The response of both French Bulldogs to the kid’s Bhangra has left viewers with a grin all over. While a few clients applauded the kid’s Bhangra abilities, others composed that the child’s move was unmistakably irritating the creatures.

One client stated, “Best video to start the morning with,” another added, “He is dancing so well without music!! Imagine him in full josh with music.” and so on.

By stealing everyone’s heart and making everyone’s day, this video has crossed 2 million views on Twitter and still going on.

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