Things you Should Avoid on your First Date

Are you about to go on your first date? Do you have any idea about first date and what the other people do’s and don’t on their first dates? What the thing you need to avoid on your first date. Dating for a girl and boy is all about spending memorable time with your partner.

So you need to avoid some things on the first date to make it memorable for forever. It’s very important to leave a good impression with your partner and it’s not so difficult. If you don’t want to your first date develop in a disaster, you need to avoid such things as below on your first date.

First Date: What to Avoid

1. Don’t wear revealing clothing

2. Don’t be late

3. Never “split the bill”

4. Don’t eat something smelly before the date

5. Don’t let your date come by herself

6. Don’t talk only about yourself

7. Don’t talk about your past relationships too much

8. Don’t talk about marriage and kids

9. Don’t be arrogant or rude

10. Don’t answer only with yes or no

11. Don’t judge your date

12. Don’t play with your cell phone

13. Don’t cut off her/his story

14. Don’t show off

15. Don’t comment on other people

16. Don’t flirt with other women

17. Don’t get drunk

You need to be confident and don’t forget to ask for a second date if you want to see them again.


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