Fashion Apparel Market 2019 - Opportunities Forecast To 2025
Fashion Apparel Market 2019 - Opportunities Forecast To 2025

It is almost 4 months past 2019 and there are many more months to come when it shall end. Amid all the flashlights, cameras and trends, fashion has been the most fascinating aspect. The sophistication, hipster image and swag do not seem to end so soon and it will continue till 2025. In this blog, you will get to know about the top fashion opportunities and forecasts that will shape 2019 and continue doing so till 2024.

Fashion Apparel Market 2019
Fashion Apparel Market 2019

Disrupting the Old Image for the New

Technology is not just confined to gizmos; rather, they will be having a part to play in the apparel fashion as well. As a sizable proportion of the consumers is aligning with social media for the promotion, things are going to get way trendier and fascinating for the fashion folks. The tech-savviness of the youth have been carefully tackled by top brands like Louis Vuitton and Celine who are already bracing for the challenge. Celine and Louis Vuitton have already transformed their old image by transforming their apparel trends.

Looking East Policy

The apparel segments have been facing saturation in the Americas and Europe. As a result of that, they have started to see a growing market shaping up miles away in the east in Asia. As the Indian economy is improving with an over 7% growth rate, most of the brands from the west are eager to enter the Indian sub-continent and contribute to the demand put forward by the Indian consumers. As anticipated, the growth will be touching at an estimated count of US$59.3 Billion. Even China has been all bracing up to give tough competition to both India and the US.

The expansion of the middle class in India and China will fuel demand and provide better opportunities for the fashion industry to capitalize and make profits out of it. In less than a decade, the demand for new brands and better versions will increase manifolds in India and China and western brands will be the ultimate beneficiary in the end.

The Escalating Trade Tension

The trade war between the Americas and its antis will create more problems than solve. Yes, indeed as the American made apparel brands will be getting much costlier and non-affordable in non-partner countries. The Brexit and the Russian fiasco will further exacerbate the fashion market in Europe and Russia. But the ultimate winners will be big players in Asia like India and China. More will follow as the fashion trends pick up the pace with time.

Growing Consumer Awareness

The social inclination or active hours on social media will pave the way for promoting new fashion trends in the form of collaborated campaigns to promote LGBT, Racism and other social problems. Top influencers in the fashion vertical will be capitalizing on these developments to market full-fledged for better outcomes.

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