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If a majestic appeal is what you desire for the many wedding parties you will be attending this season, try going regal with your makeup.


Eyes are the focal point of a royal look so go a bit subtle with the rest of your make-up including the foundation. A feather-light layer of foundation finished off with the lightest brushing of gold powder instead of the compact powder would go perfectly with this theme.

Step by step Eye Make-up

  • Start by applying primer to the eyelid. Primer comes in liquid or gel form and is used to smooth facial fine lines to lend a better finish.
  • Apply a layer of light gold powder on the inner edge of the eyelid. Then go for a slightly brighter gold in middle edge of the eyelid taking care to smear it with the lighter gold. Now apply a royal purple on the outer edge of the eyelid. Blend it with the middle gold powder. Finally apply a royal blue in the outermost corner of the eyelid.
  • On the crease of the eye apply the same royal blue to emphasise the shape of the eye.
  • Use a eye shadow colour close to your skin tone to blend any rough edges.
  • Add a cream gold highlighter under your brow.
  • You could add a pop of colour under the eyes using a royal blue eye pencil. However, the effect might be a bit garish for an occasion like a wedding so go for dark blue or even black eye pencil.
  • Finish off with dark blue or black eyeliner and mascara.


Ideally, the lips should be left neutral with a generous dollop of gloss merged with a teeny amount of gold glitter to complement the overall theme of the makeup.


A subtle touch of blush with a light gold bronzer will emphasise the cheekbones nicely and finish off the look with perfection.

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