Ways to combine autumn and winter clothes

Every fashion season comes, a series of different trends “landing”, which makes the girls spend a lot of money to “update” their lockers. So how do the girls “update” their lockers in a smart way, both economical and valuable for long-term use?

The easiest way is to choose trendy items that suit your personal fashion style. This will make it easier to reuse items after the trend has passed, and make every dollar worth it. Accordingly, the wholesale market would suggest ways to combine autumn-winter clothes this year with each different style.

1. Minimalist style

Tailored tailor-made suits continue to become the “nail” fashion trend in the Fall-Winter 2017 season. Fortunately, this time the suits are not “tied” into a certain design series. So the girls can wear any form that they like and fit, from padded shoulders, wide tube western counters, or even sexy hugging skirts. This combination of Fall and Winter clothes is not only for minimalist style followers but also suitable for office fashion.

2. Feminine style

Basic polka dots texture is now one of the most prominent trends in the second half of 2017. If you notice, you will notice that the dots appear constantly on Instagram fashion accounts. view. If you want to emphasize classic femininity, then black polka dots with a black skirt and midi skirt will be a perfect choice. If you still want to show your rebellious side, then try the polka dots pants with striking colours.

3. Classic style

Belts are the perfect item for all girls, especially those who love elegance and classic. Not only does this item help accentuate the “ant” waistline, but it also helps to make the ancient costume more impressive. Small back copy together.

4. Rebellious style

If you do not want to hide your personality and always want to be the focus of all events, then items with fringed details are full of personality. Please coordinate these fringed items with the basic design such as plain t-shirts, jeans, shorts … This combination of wholesale autumn and winter clothing helps your overall outfit from becoming too cumbersome and tangled eye. In addition, fringed outfits are also suitable for year-end party nights, where you can cycle to show off your accents to your music.

5. Sports style

Sporting goods continue to “occupy” the Fall-2019 fashion village but are “upgraded” to a new level with matching suits. Instead of having the headache of thinking about how to combine autumn and winter clothes, you just need to wear a whole set of a tonne and a pair of sports shoes to be fashionable. 

In addition, you should choose materials that are slightly thin to facilitate evaporation in tropical climates, instead of “stubborn” choose the thick designs properly autumn-winter.

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