The history of fragrance is very old and everyone uses perfume for their own pleasure and also as a symbol of mental healthiness. The culture of fragrance is running from very old times and talked about today, and uses by everybody in the current generation. The fragrance can seduce your mind at any time.

How to Wear Fragrance in the Summer

  1. Work with the weather.
  2. Make it yours.
  3. Layers last longer.
  4. Don’t follow the crowd.
  5. Go lighter for the summer.
  6. Spray your clothes.
  7. Treat yourself to some permanent holiday mood.

Here we will discuss how you can wear fragrances in the summer months.

Smell Good With Perfume

How to Make Your Perfume Last Long?

The fragrance is extracted from natural means and this work occurs after a long process. It is also important to keep in mind that the fragrance you are making is giving the same smell like the flower.

One question is often asked is the fragrance harmful to the skin? The answer to this is that after making any fragrance, it is repeatedly examined that it is not harmful to the skin. But if the person is allergic then do not use the fragrance.

The fragrance has a fashion trend. It is kept in mind during the day, at night, casual or special occasion etc. This also shows the person to person. First men liked the light fragrance, now prefer strong. But women still prefer light and sweet fragrances. Additionally, layering fragrances is a great strategy for the summer.

Where to Apply Your Fragrance

Applying fragrance keep you pleasant and relaxing. You can follow guidelines as mentioned below on where to spray your fragrance to get the optimum scent every single time.

Where to Apply Your Fragrance

Neck and Collarbone: Spritz your neck and collarbone lightly, making sure your bottle is at least 30 cm away from your skin.

Behind Your Ears: Spray the perfume on each side behind your ears and on the side of your neck. This is where you will find your pulse points.

Your Hair: Hold the perfume bottle at least 30 cm away from your hair, to prevent the alcohol content from drying it out.

Your Wrists: Back to the pulse points, gentle spray perfume to your wrists.

Back of Knees: This is especially great for summer when you can dare to bare when it comes to legs.

Ankles and Feet: Again, a summer favourite – spritzing your ankles and feet will let the scent gently follow you wherever you go.


To keep the fragrance safer for a long time, put it in the box and keep it in the fridge and save it from sunlight and light when used for use. Store it in cold and low light, it lasts for years.

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