Facial exercises

Ever been to a face gym? Just like your body, your face too needs a daily workout. Being eighteen doesn’t only mean getting the right to vote for your favourite political leader. “Eighteen is also the right age to begin facial yoga for your face to keep wrinkles at bay,”

Facial yoga encompasses exercises exclusive to the face, very similar to a workout for it improves blood circulation to your face, but very different for it is gentle, without the pain and the sweat that comes with calisthenics. A perfect combination that gives you the much-needed glow sans all the make-up! What makes facial yoga so easy to incorporate in your life is the unsophisticated nature of the exercises and the time you need to spend on them every day. Just devote 15-20 minutes to your daily regimen and see yourself glow!

Here you will find five exercises for you to begin with. You can repeat each of these 10 times.

Never frown again:

This exercise helps you get rid of the frown on your forehead. Use the tips of your index and middle finger for this. Place them at the edges of your brows and pull gently apart. Maintaining the pressure, use your forehead muscles to bring your brows together as in a frown. Hold this contraction for 5 counts and release.

Smooth those corners:

This one’s great for you if you happen to have crow’s feet. Place the tips of your index and middle fingers at the corners of your eyes and pull apart. Now contract your eye muscles to shut your eyes tight and hold for 5 counts.

Puff your cheeks:

Do this to improve the circulation of blood to your cheeks. Fill your mouth with air and close it, applying an outward pressure. Push your bloated cheeks gently with your closed fists and release the air.

Smile and pout:

This one keeps the corners of your mouth in good shape. Smile with your lips together and hold for five counts. Now put your best pout forward, pulling your lips outwards. Again, hold for five counts.

Put your head up and laugh:

Do this exercise to firm your chin and neck area. Spread your palm and place it below your chin while sliding it downwards, towards your neck. Smile with your lips together and raise your head looking towards the ceiling. Hold for seven counts and release.

Facial yoga works best when you have a lifestyle which incorporates regular exercise, good eating habits and also yoga and meditation, if possible. “If you seriously do all of these, facial yoga can begin to help you as early as three months,”.

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