Down Syndrome People Never Stop Learning
Down Syndrome People Never Stop Learning

Getting to know that your child would be born with down syndrome might give you a rough experience but a research done by Mass General Hospital for Children in the Netherlands has completely proven things wrong and given new hope to the parents of the children with down syndrome.

Those who are suffering from Down Syndrome, they are known to develop a specific type of skill over a period of time. In order to prove this point, a survey was conducted on 2,600 families from the Netherlands and the United States. In the analysis, the regulatory or surveying body asked the families to rank the functional abilities of their children across 11 broad areas—walking, eating, speaking, grooming, reading, writing, preparing meals, working at a job, dating, traveling independently and even living independently.

Down Syndrome

The outcome of the experiment was most of the participating families with their children having the down syndrome could easily walk after the completion of 25 months. And, these children were able to speak reasonably after attaining 12 years of age. Not this this, they were even able to self-groom themselves and maintain a proper hygiene after attaining the age of 13 years.

Like any other normal human, they could easily go to work and live independently after the age of 20 years. At 31 years of age, most of the participating families saw their children getting married, indulging in a regular day job and earning decently. But, though the individuals with Down Syndrome didn’t face any challenges at the learning front but they were facing severe health issues with the passage of time.

In many researches, it was said that the children with the Down Syndrome develop some specific special skills but such developments in the skills were only seen in those countries that had spectacular health support system. In the developing or underdeveloped countries, nothing spectacular in terms of learning or development was seen in the children suffering from down syndrome.


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