When it comes to spicing up your home decor, you can easily shop through the pages of a high-end catalog. But doing things DIY can give you a feeling of satisfaction while you give your abode a custom piece of decor you’ll love.

If you’re thinking of crafting something new, check out these five easy DIY wood projects that will spice up your space and bring it a fun addition.

1. Start Small with Coasters

If you’re new to woodworking, give making your own coasters a try. This project is easy and fun, and it’s also a great option to work on with kids. They’ll love making their own wooden coaster creations.

Pick out any type of wood, then cut it into small pieces. Carve and smooth each piece into any shape you like from circular to square, focusing on making each coaster approximately the same size.

Once you’ve cut, shaped, and sanded your coasters, you can finish them in any color you choose. Coat them with resin or polyurethane to ensure that they stay waterproof.

And, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can also make your own coaster holder that will keep them neatly in place on your table. Your holder can be made with a different type of wood if you choose.

2. Have Fun with Shelving

When it comes to DIY wood projects, nothing says versatility like making your own shelving. Whether it’s freestanding or wall-hung, custom wood shelves look great in rustic and modern settings alike.

You can make your shelves using palettes, driftwood, or pre-cut pieces of lumber from the hardware store. Just be sure that each piece of wood is securely nailed and glued together so it handles the weight of your books or collectibles.

Add a wall shelf to a living space and hang it over your couch, or you can make a cool bookshelf that shows off your new woodworking skills. Make several shelves in various sizes to create a cohesive theme throughout your home.

One awesome thing about shelving is that you can mix and match different types of wood to create an eclectic look. Combine the warmth of cedar or pine with the natural look of driftwood for a fascinating custom shelf.

3. Get Creative with DIY Wood Projects Coffee Tables

Who says you have to shell out tons of cash on expensive furniture? Try your hand at making a custom wood coffee table that will bring your home tons of personality.

If you’re in need of hardware, parts, or tools, these products can help you get started. Add some wheels to your coffee table so it’s easy to roll around throughout the room if you want something mobile.

You can make coffee tables out of solid pieces of wood or stack palettes to give the table a unique aesthetic. Just be sure that you sand down any nail holes when you’re done.

Stain the table in any shade, and add a layer of shellac or clear resin to make your table shine and keep it protected from damage. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can even add an extra shelf to the bottom. This space will give you a spot to stash magazines, books, and the remote control.

4. Dress Things up with Bookends

Bookends are a fantastic home decor item, and they’re super simple to make. Select a few chunks of wood, and attach two pieces one vertically and one facing horizontally.

Then, add a decorative touch to each bookend by gluing or nailing something to each one. It can be anything from a favorite small sculpture to a slice of agate or even a small picture frame.

What’s great about custom wood bookends is that you can virtually create anything you like and in any style. Not only do they look fantastic on your bookshelf, but this simple project makes a wonderful gift as well.

5. Get Organized with Wood Storage

From the kitchen to your living room, there’s always a need for storage throughout your home. Create a variety of fun storage pieces that will match and look appealing in any style space.

You can use large pieces of wood to create a shoe shelf or bench that can be placed in a hallway, bedroom, or mudroom. Create custom bins for your kitchen that can keep spices or plastic bags neatly in their place.

When it comes to storage, you can truly create anything depending on your needs. Make sure you securely attach each piece of wood using a nail gun and/or nail glue. This will ensure that each piece is sturdy enough to tackle busy households and all the goodies you stash inside.

Make a rustic fruit and vegetable storage bin for your kitchen area. A large wooden storage piece is a fantastic wood furniture option to stash toys in the playroom or your child’s bedroom.

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