Window Box Garden

There’s no better way to add a pop of color to the exterior of your home than by adding a window box. Just imagine the beautiful flowers pouring over the edges. The good news is that planting a window box garden is a simple project that anyone can handle.

Install a Box

If your home doesn’t already have an attached window box, you’ll need to install one. Simply measure the size of your window and pick up a prefabricated planter. Make sure the box matches your home’s decor. For example, if you’re installing a wooden box, paint or stain it to blend in with your home’s exterior.

Add Potting Mix

You need to add a good amount of soil mixture to your window box. Look for potting mix instead of potting soil. Pack it in firmly so there are no remaining air pockets. A hand fork will help you break apart any large pieces of soil.

Choose the Plants

Most homeowners opt to plant flowers in their window boxes; however, you can choose any type of potted plant. Make sure you buy enough plants to completely fill the box. You don’t want any bare spaces.

Arrange the Plants

Place all your plants inside the window box while they are still in their pots. Rearrange them until you find the perfect layout. This is your own personal preference. Once you decide on the layout, transfer your plants to the ground.

Plant in the Soil

One by one, remove your plants from their pots. Use a shovel or spade to dig a hole for each plant. It’s a good idea to break apart the roots before planting. This makes it easier for the roots to be introduced to their new home. Fill in any uncovered soil with bark or mulch. This will prevent weeds from growing through.

Add Food and Water

Once all the plants are in place, be sure to water them. You want the soil to be moist without soaking wet. If possible, set up an automated watering system. Otherwise, make sure to water your plants on a regular basis. You may also consider adding plant food to your water at this time.

Enjoy Your Perfect Window Box

Planting a window box should only take you a single afternoon to complete. If you decided to plant annuals, you’ll need to repeat the process every year. Perennials often die away in the winter and regrow in the spring or summer. Other plants, including certain types of ivy, are considered permanent plants. You can enjoy your window box garden all year long.

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