How to Up the Festive Quotient of your Tiles

When festivities are in the air, why should our kitchens, bathrooms and other tiled areas be left unadorned? Adding a festive touch to these spaces enhances the air of celebration and fun! Here are a few easy ways to up the festive quotient of your tiles.

Colour plain tiles with ceramic pens

Identify a horizontal line of tiling at eye level, and use different coloured ceramic pens to paint directly on the tile surface. This is a quick fix method to make your tiles festive. These are usually permanent so make the tiles colourful, but not too festival-specific; for instance, do not use diyas or designs specific to one particular festival, because they will look out of place as soon as the festival rolls past. Instead, you could draw colourful bunting, or paisleys in bright colours, etc.

Add 3-D elements

A friend shocked me by claiming that she would use river pebbles on her bathroom tiles! When I visited her next, she had stuck to her word! The horizontal eye-level area of the tiles had been obscured with a thick line of pebbles! Don’t hesitate to add 3-d elements such as this to your tiles. Pebbles are perfect for wet areas like bathrooms because they are sourced from water bodies. Use a strong tiling adhesive product, and work a design with the pebbles for best results!

Use tile decals

Decals may sound like a well-worn cliché, but they have their uses. Especially if you use them in unexpected ways. On the tiles, for instance! Both bath and kitchen tiles can get an instant facelift with the use of tile decals. The best thing about these is that they are removable. You may or may not be able to re-use them next year, but at least they come off without leaving any trace of adhesive.

Paint over tiles

Create neat geometric designs on your tiles with the help of masking tape and stencils. Use epoxy-based paint or special tile or ceramic paint to coat the tile and create your design. You could also draw free-hand if you are confident. Abstract or ombré designs are also quite the rage!


Instead of investing in new tiles, or even going in for a tile on tile option, you could simply spend an afternoon making a drab backsplash or bathroom absolutely festive! Decorating can be delightfully rewarding if it’s done with care and thought. Happy festivities!

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