Perfect Room Painting

Painting is one of the easy and affordable ways to refresh the look of your house. With the passage of time, the look of your house becomes dull, and the paint starts to crack or peel off. Most people think that they can do the painting by themselves. But if you are the one planning to do a DIY task, then you should have some adequate knowledge to get the work done.

Painting is not a very complex job if you are having the basic knowledge to use the tools and techniques to paint well. But if you are not having the skills, then this will cost you more than the expected price. To get the painting done by professionals, you should get in touch with the best painting company for satisfactory results.

To help you out, we are sharing the six common mistakes for ensuring a smooth paint job:

1. Use of Wrong or Low-Quality Tools

Every job needs specific tools to get the work done, the same goes for painting. If you are using the wrong brushes, then you get streaks and smears as your end result. It is recommended to use high-quality brushes and rollers to get the best results. The best quality brushes will cover the wall properly and make the work easier. You need to have the following tools:

  • Rollers liners.
  • Synthetic bristles when you are going to use latex paint. Natural bristles when using oil-based paints.
  • Dense foam rollers make the application easy.

2. Lack of Preparation

If you think that painting is just grabbing the gallon and starting to move your roller on the surface, then you are wrong. Doing so, you are creates a problem for you that will cost you more. For painting, you need to do preparation. The professionals will do proper preparation and will spend more time in the initial phase of the project. You might be wondering, how to do the preparation. To get professional assistance, you can contact painters to paint your property well. They will use the right techniques and equipment to give an attractive look to your house.

The following are the things that need to be done:

  • You might be surprised that how much new paint will make the wall imperfections more prominent. To get rid of these imperfections by smoothing over rough edges, you must fill in cracks and scratches before using the roller on the walls.
  • Look at your walls closely. Is the old paint making the look of the wall dull or worn? Well, the answer is dirt. Your wall gets dirty with the passage of time and it might appear when doing the painting job. You need to scrub off fingerprints, discoloring, and smudges before doing the painting.
  • You should cover your floors and furniture. You may be thinking that you can skip this but it is recommended not to do so. You need to cover the things to avoid accidental spills. This will save you from the mess.

3. Selecting the Wrong Paints

You might have to find the perfect color for your bedroom but you may not know about the type of finish. If you are making a poor choice, then you will regret painting. Not every paint covers every paint completely. For instance, if you are preferring latex paint over oil-based paint, then the new shade will crack and peel before you get used to the new color on the wall. Before you are going to repaint your room, it is better to check if the current paint if it is oil-based. If this is the case, then you should sand it a little to let your new latex paint adhere well to the wall.

This is not the only point to consider when selecting the right paint for your room. You need to consider how space will be used. The rooms having more traffic require paint that can handle the use and abuse. For such busy rooms, you should use premium mattes, satin finish, and semi-gloss to hide smudges and fingertips. You can easily wipe down them regularly.

4. Not Using Painter’s Tape

There is a solid reason behind the fact that professionals use quality painter’s tape for molding and trims. It really works and helps you to avoid the haphazard look by sealing painter’s tape along with the trim finally. This approach will provide you the sharp and clean lines. Remember one thing you should peel off the tape before the paint dries. If you don’t do so, then you might peel the dried paint off the wall. To avoid the problem you should hire commercial painting contractors to paint your commercial or residential property.

5. Not Priming the Walls

You might be wondering, why priming the wall is important. To know the importance of priming, consider the following points:

  • This will help you to hide the imperfections of the wall. With this, you will get a smooth and flawless look.
  • It provides new paint with a good surface to adhere to.
  • It will assist you in bringing the new color.

Most of the new paints include primer. But it is recommended to use a separate primer for new walls that are not painted in the past. It is also used for surfaces like concrete and wood. If you are not applying the primer, then you have to apply several coats.

6. Brush Dunking

This is one of the common mistakes that waste paint. Thus, making the job messier due to improper brush dunking. Simply dip the brush not more than a third of the way up the brush for good coverage.

These were the six mistakes that you need to avoid when painting your room DIY. Painting without any doubt gives an elegant and fresh look to your property when done right. To get your property painted well, you should get house painting services from expert painters. They will do the job properly to give an attractive look to your property.

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