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The kitchen is one of the important parts of the house that needs proper attention in terms of design. Every homeowner is very concerned about the addition of things in the kitchen so that they can make it functional and stylish at the same time. There is a long list of things that combine to enhance the curb appeal of the kitchen that includes islands, countertops, appliances, cabinets, faucets, and much more.

Here, we will be looking at the things that one should consider when selecting kitchen cabinet hardware. When you are planning to choose the cabinet hardware, you might have questions in mind like should you go for a knob or pull? Get bronze or silver? The cabinet size should be big or small? To make things easy and to have a clear idea regarding kitchen renovation before and after you need to have these answers to make the right decision.

The knob and pull give a clean look to your cabinets. If you are selecting small cabinets, then they will have a big impact on your kitchen layout. Due to the various options available in terms of hardware, the selection is not easy.

The following are the things that one should keep in mind for selecting the best kitchen cabinet hardware:

1. Pull or Knob

This selection is very important because once you do this, you will narrow down your option up to 50%. You need to consider form and function at the same when making your decision regarding knob versus pull. Let’s have a look at both options:

Pull: They are easier to use. They provide more space to use the hands along with a firm grip. Pull will help you to make a big statement so it is very essential to get the right look. If you are using pulls on all your cabinets, then it will definitely provide an attractive look.

Knobs: It is also one of the stylish options. It will assist you to make your kitchen updated when used properly. One of the best looks is to have knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers. This combination will offer you a variety and a unique style statement. They come with an affordable price tag and due to their less statement, they let the other fine details be more prominent. Moreover, for the best kitchen remodeling, you can get in touch with professional companies. The experienced kitchen designers will guide you in a better way to get satisfactory results. They will keep you updated about the latest trends so that you make your kitchen elegant and functional at the same time.

2. Finish

Now coming to the next point is the finish you want in your kitchen. Will it be chrome, nickel, brass, or brushed?

It is best to maintain the same finish on all hardware in your kitchen even if you are going for different styles at different places. You need to have look at all your kitchen metal accents that includes lighting, faucet, and appliances. The selection of the finish will be dependent on the cabinets in your kitchen. For instance, if you are having a white cabinet, then a bold finish will create a huge impact. Additionally, the warm-toned cabinets will look good with bronze, gold, and black hardware. The silver, black, and pewter hardware will work fine with the gray cabinets.

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3. Comfort

All the changes will matter only if you love and are comfortable working in your kitchen. If you hate the changes, then there is no use in making the changes. You need to design your kitchen in a proper way so that it can be functional and you can perform the various work easily. Keeping this in view, you should use the hardware that makes you feel comfortable.

To select things right, you should go to the showroom and see the hardware that will look good for the home kitchen remodeling process. You should do the following:

  • You need to ensure that your fingers don’t cram together during the work.
  • Pay attention to the edges, and check whether they are sharp.
  • Do they fit in your hand?
  • Is your hardware easy to use?
  • Will they be easy to use by other family members?

Once you will have the answer to the above things, then you can make a good selection.

4. Budget

The budget is one of the important factors in the process of kitchen remodeling decisions. Most people have a fixed budget and they have to complete the work within that price. You should not compromise on the quality. You can get a variety of designs in your local kitchen cabinet showroom. Visit the store and pick the best in terms of quality within your budget. You should remember that the price is dependent on the finish, size, and design so you should make the decision according to your requirement. Keep on the fact in mind that knobs are less expensive as compared to pulls.

The budget is important but shouldn’t compromise on quality. You need to understand that your kitchen cabinet hardware needs to be long-lasting and sturdy. Here is a tip you should buy some extra pulls or knobs in case of any damage.

5. Style

You need to look at the other elements of your kitchen as well to get a better idea about your kitchen hardware. You need to check that either there are curved or square lines on your countertops, lighting fixtures, and cabinets. You need to select the hardware that matches those particular lines. For your information, the curved hardware tends to be more traditional whereas the square hardware style is more on the contemporary side.

These were the five things that you need to consider when picking the best kitchen cabinet hardware. For assistance in the selection of hardware, you can get help from the best kitchen remodeling company in your area.

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