International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child is seen and celebrated as International Girl Child Day annually on 11th October. It is a day dedicated to celebrating girls, amplify their voice and stand up for their rights. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls’ face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

History of International Day of the Girl Child:

In the year 1995, the 4th World Conference on Women was held in Beijing, China. The conference determined to recognize the rights of women and girls as human rights. It adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action which is the most comprehensive policy agenda for the empowerment of women.

On 19 December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a resolution 66/170 to declare 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child. The resolution recognized girl’s rights and the challenges that girls face around the world. The first International Day of the Girl Child was observed on 11 October 2012 with the theme Ending Child Marriage.

Why is International Day of the Girl Child celebrated?

  • To reflect the successful emergence of girls in different fields
  • To raise voice against the girl child violence
  • To promote education, nutrition, legal rights and medical care for girls
  • To promote girls empowerment
  • To raise voice against girl child marriage, discrimination, etc

International Day of the Girl Child previous themes

  • 2012- Ending child marriage
  • 2013- Innovating form girls
  • 2014 – Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the cycle of violence
  • 2015- The power of adolescent girl: Vision for 2030
  • 2016- Girl Progress = Goals’ progress: What counts for girls
  • 2017- Empower girls: Before, during and after crises
  • 2018- With her: A skilled girl force
  • 2019- Girl Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable

Nowadays, these movements have expanded. International Day Of The Girl is meant to promote the empowerment of young girls everywhere for adolescent girls, tackling issues like child marriage, gender-based violence, climate change, self-esteem, education inequality, and girls’ rights to enter places of worship or public spaces during menstruation.

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