Tips to Help Reduce Digital Eye Strain

How many hours in a day do you spending your time at a screen? An hour? Three to four hours? Or More than 8 to 10 hour?

If you are spending too much time infront of computer screen, may be you are familiar with dry eye. Its symptoms are – blurred vision, redness, itchy eyes and light hypersensitivity. Our Eyes also need rest as our other part of body, its get tired and need rest. Dr Rajib Mukherjee an ophthalmologist from Delhi says “Dry eye happens when you overuse your eyes. It is a common and often chronic problem, and can afflict just about anyone at work, provided they keep long hours working on the computer.”

Here you will find top five easy things to minimise the strain of eye and get back the health of your eye:

Blink frequently: Blinking of an eye is a natural process, and on average a person blinks some 15-20 times per minute. So if you are working on a computer in an air conditioned room, the rate of evaporation is more in an air conditioned room and there is tear loss that accentuates the dry eye condition. You need to set a reminder on one corner of your screen to blink. The purpose of blinking to lubricate the eyeballs and also protect them from dust or other debris.

Tear drops: You can use tear drops to lubricate the eyeballs, but make sure its frequency advised by the doctor. Don’t by it over the counter.

Avoid smoking: Try to avoid smoking, while working on the screen because smoking makes the dry eye condition worse.

Workplace illumination: Make sure your sitting positing and work area is lit up properly, your computer screen is not too bright and the screen of your computer is at a proper angel of your eyes and your sitting posture should be good infront of the computer.

Take breaks: When you are doing close work, you need to take occasional breaks to rest your eyes by looking away from the computer screen.

An app for that: There are a number of apps are available to reduce blue light emission from devices.

Good diet: You need to take proper diet including green vegetables for the good health of eye. Do not mess up, especially if you have dry eyes.

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