Beat the Heat this Summer

The days has gone, when 25°C to 30°C was characteristic of a harsh summer day. Meteorologists predict temperatures to go as high as 49°C when the sun is overhead. Global warming and extreme climate have teamed up to spell a harsh summer for all over India. That’s why, today, we have bring you a list of 9 easy and effective tips to beat the Heat this Summer season.

9 effective ways to deal with the heat this summer

1. Avoid large protein rich meals:

Having a large meal, rich in proteins during the summer can increase metabolic heat and warm the body. Try out protein rich shakes made from a variety of berries, to fetch you the protein you need as well as keep your body from overheating.

2. Cool your cosmetics and creams:

Its a good idea to keep your lotions, moisturizers and creams in the refrigerator. The product won’t get spoiled when applied, it is almost certain to create a refreshing sensation.

3. Use a hot water bottle:

Yes, you read that right. Take your regular hot water bottle, get rid of the insulating cover if you wish, and fill it up with ice cold water. Place it under your knees, and enjoy the chill, as it spreads across your body.

4. Make everything mintier:

Varieties of mint are capable of creating an illusion that makes you feel cool when the surroundings may be scorching hot. Its a good idea, to eat a mints after meals; get your hands on a mint scented air freshener; add mint leaves to your water; and even dab some peppermint essential oil on your body after a cold shower.

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5. Stay hydrated:

It goes without saying, make sure your body isn’t left wanting for water. You will sweat a lot and its important to replenish your fluid content by drinking water regularly. Dehydration can cause serious weakness, fatigue and other illnesses in extreme circumstances

6. Cool yourself off with water:

Swimming pools are such a popular concept, specially during the summer. Grab yourself a towel, dip it in cold water and place it on your forehead or shoulders. You could also go for regular baths, to feel refreshed.

7. Temporarily move to a lower floor:

If you’re living in on a high floor, you should know that hot air rises and cold air settles. So, keep your window shut, and consider it to be your lucky day, if your neighbor on the ground floor invites you over for a chilling glass of lemonade!

8. Use fans to push the warm air out:

With your AC working so well, you might have forgotten about the fan. It can be great for clearing the warm air out of your home and let the cool air settle in.

9. Wear appropriate clothing:

When the sun isn’t your best friend, you must dress accordingly. Choose cotton clothing instead of other materials, as it is extremely light and absorbent. Simultaneously, go for lighter colors, as dark colors have the tendency to absorb heat, while lighter colors, reflect the sun’s radiation Source

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