Happy Daughters Day

Daughter’s Day is a day in which the family celebrates the daughter’s happiness. This day is celebrated throughout the world including India. Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September.

Just like we celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to honor our parents, in the same way, we celebrate Daughters Day to honor our daughters.

Why we celebrate Daughters’ Day

There is a particular conservative thinking about daughters in India. In big cities, the thinking has changed a lot, but in small cities, people still do not give special attention to their daughters. To erase this orthodox thinking, daughter’s day was started in India.

How can you celebrate Daughters’ Day

  • By letting them know that you love them and care for them
  • By going out with them for a movie, lunch, dinner
  • By gifting them presents
  • By saying no to social practices like dowery
  • By giving respect and protection to not only your own daughter but also other girls.

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