How To Choose The Right Dog For Yourself

Are you ready to choose the right dog for you? The decision to adopt a puppy is surely a life-changing decision. You can expect a complete upheaval of your set schedule or you can also expect a disciplined companion who likes to sail through life as you do. Dogs are meant to be our companions for a long time which is why there are a number of considerations that one needs to factor in while adopting a pooch.

How to Choose the Right Dog

Let us check out the 7 fundamentals of adopting a dog and some basic stuff that needs to be kept in mind.

Focus On Temperament

The temperament of a breed of dog and the amount of effort required to manage that temper is a key consideration in adopting a dog. You must do some research on the breed history and what the dogs were originally bred for to get a better idea of their temperament and tendencies. Refer to online associations or forums if you’re planning to get a rescue dog to get a correct estimate of their personality and sociability.

Consider Your Boundaries

It is important to take stock of your own boundaries to decide what kind of a dog one must get. If you are an active person and are looking for a partner for all your adventures, it makes sense to get an active dog like a German Shepherd or a Retriever. If you are a laid-back person or do not have a lot of time to dedicate to your dog’s exercise, it is best to get a pug or a Corgi. They don’t require a lot of exercises and thrive on being the adorable couch potatoes they were meant to be.

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Don’t Go By Looks

Dogs are adorable and some look even funnier and more exotic than the others. But it is important that you don’t make your decision simply based on looks and take account of a dog’s health, breed, personality, lifestyle, and more. It is imperative that the dog suits your lifestyle and the kind of household you are bringing them to. No two dogs are the same and you must know about your dog’s social preferences before introducing them to the family. This is why going simply by looks may do more harm than good.

Your Living Space

It is also important to take stock of your living situation and space before committing to a particular breed of dog. For example, you may be smitten by the good looks of  Saint Bernard but it really would not be fair to make them live in an apartment space. Bigger-sized dogs require ample space to move and run around without which they tend to develop a number of health complications like hip dysplasia, obesity, and more. Dogs that are better suited to living in an apartment space include Basset Hound, Chihuahua, Lowchen, Poodle, Greyhound, Whippet, Australian Terrier, Chinese Crested Dog, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


When getting a dog, remember to check with your physician about your allergies. Dog hair and saliva can cause allergies in a lot of people that cause itching and eye-watering in a lot of people. Some even choke up or start wheezing continuously. It is best to opt for low-shedding dogs like the Schnauzer, Poodles, or pugs if you have allergies stemming from the hair and saliva of a dog.

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