Mothers Day

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day 2023: As the name suggests, Mother’s Day is a celebration of the mother of the family, when you could finally thank your mother for her relentless contributions towards the growth and well-being of her children. Mother is the first friend, teacher and guide of a child and therefore it is important to celebrate Mother’s Day to acknowledge everything she does assiduously for you. While one day is really not enough to pay tribute to and honour the mother, the day encourages people to come out in support and acknowledgement of everything that a mother tirelessly does, day in and out. The second Sunday of May is to be observed as Mother’s Day to honour the mothers.

What is the History of Mother’s Day?

The origin of Mother’s Day is attributed to two women named, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis, who are believed to have established the idea of Mother’s Day in the USA. Anna’s mother had expressed a desire and had asked her to hold a memorial after her death. The first World War was going on at that time and following her mother’s desire, Anna created a Mother’s day club to address the health issues of wounded soldiers.

Why it is important to celebrate Mother’s Day?

It is important to celebrate Mother’s Day to thank your mother for everything she does for her child without any selfishness and show her unconditional love and affection. A mother is a child’s first friend with whom he or she shares all of their joys, sorrows, emotions and happiness. Thus it is important to celebrate Mother’s Day to make your mom feel special.

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Symbol of Mother’s Day

  • Its whiteness stands for purity.
  • Its lasting qualities stand for faithfulness.
  • Its fragrance stands for love.
  • Its wide field of growth stands for charity.
  • Its form/shape stands for beauty.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Roses: Well, Roses have been connected with motherhood and making the famous choice on mother’s day. Roses are the flowers that we use for any special occasion. Roses were blessed to the Greek goddess ls as the ideal mother and roses symbolize the Virgin Mary. Yellow roses represent friendship and joy, while pink roses represent refinement, classiness, and gratitude.

Irises: The irises represent warmth and love. Some Christians associate irises with the Virgin Mary. This flower is available in a rainbow of colours. White and blue irises are more famous on mother’s day.

Orchids: Orchids are a sign for many children in china and they represent elegance and beauty. The orchid is the most loved flower for mother’s day.

Lilacs: Another famous flower of mother’s day is the lilac. Well, it is known that lilac is a sign of new love. It also symbolizes the love between mother and child.

Lilies: These flowers are considered Easter flowers and are used on mother’s day. White lilies in bouquets look so beautiful.

Tulips: Well, generally tulips are signified by new life, spring, and assistance. With the grace and beauty of these flowers, it is very popular on mother’s day.

At present, Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide. On this day people send gifts and flowers to their mothers to signify love, care and appreciation.

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