Raksha Bandhan

If there is an altercation in a brother and sister relationship, then there is also love. The relationship of brother and sister cannot be described in any way. But brothers can express their love for them by doing something special for their sisters on this Rakshabandhan.

Write a letter for sister:

We express our love for the one we love, right? Then why did the brothers can’t express their love towards their sisters? After all, it is only the sister who has supported you in every mischief, and has also saved us from the beating of mother-father. Then write this Rakshabandhan love letter for your sister, through which you tell her how much you love her and what she means in your life.

A special tribute can change everything:

May be your sister must have helped you in doing your homework. Maybe even saving you from fights with other people in school, college and socities. Then why not give this a special tribute to her? For this, you can take your sister somewhere on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. You can show him a movie or go shopping.

Make a collage of photographs:

When you remember the moments spent from childhood to youth, there is an instant smile on your face. Many times you will also mention old stories among ourselves, then you will laugh a lot. But how about saving those memories as a collage or a movie? Brothers can give their sisters a collage of photos of memories from childhood to college on such occasions. If you have any mischievous sister videos or old videos with both of them, then you can make a movie CD of them and play for the sister. He will like your surprise very much.

Become his partner of happiness and sorrow, listen to everything:

A sister wants her brother to always stand as a protective shield for her. Listen to her every word and become her best friend. This is because the first boy in a sister’s life is his own brother. If the sister is younger and goes out of school or college or somewhere, sit with her when she comes back home. Talk Ask him how his day went. Was there any problem? Such things will make the sister think that apart from mother and father there is someone who cares for her.


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