Top 10 Strongest Dogs Breeds

The very thought of adopting a pooch is an exciting one, be it one of the gentle giants, a medium-sized dog, or a smaller-sized lap dog. Dogs are thought to be man’s best friend because of their endless love and loyalty towards their owners. They provide companionship, relieve stress, and also help out in physical tasks. Check out the top 10 strongest dog breeds that are cute, cuddly

If you’re looking for a dog that can accomplish tasks that require heavy physical labour, you must definitely consider one of the larger breeds of dogs that have been bred to thrive on hard work and physical labour. Certain breeds not only serve as pets for civilians but are also employed by multiple government or military agencies to carry out tasks like detection, chasing, hunting, or sniffing. Similarly, some dogs are employed in heavy manual labour, and depending on their breed, these dogs thrive on performing physical tasks as it fills their exercise quota for the day.

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Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds

Let us check out the top 10 strongest breeds of dogs that can carry out work effectively.


These pooches are known to surpass the size of a fully grown man. Their history dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians in 3000 B.C when a number of paintings were found to depict Mastiffs.

  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Weight: 70 to 150 pounds
  • Height: 24 to 26 inches
  • Personality: Free-spirited, clever

Saint Bernard:

Known for their sheer size, Saint Bernards are known for their strength and structure. They also make for great family dogs because they are very loyal and sensitive.

  • Life expectancy: 8 to 10 years
  • Weight: 120 to 180  pounds
  • Height: 26 to 30 inches
  • Personality: Delightful, intrigued


According to the American Rottweiler Club, Rottweilers are famously protective and powerful dogs. They generally listen to one owner and are fiercely loyal to them.

  • Life expectancy: 9 to 10 years
  • Weight: 80 to 135 pounds
  • Height: 22 to 27 inches
  • Personality: Affectionate, Faithful, Protective

Irish Wolfhound:

Among all the varieties of recognized Wolfhounds, the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest and famously noted for hunting the large-sized Irish Elk.

  • Life expectancy: 6 to 8 years
  • Weight: 105 to 120 pounds
  • Height: 30 to 32 inches
  • Personality: Fearless, Peaceful


According to the American Canine Association, the Pitbull is a result of ancestral terrier-bulldog cross-breeding. These athletic canines have a bad reputation for their temperament but when trained well, they make some of the most loyal and affectionate companions for families and kids.

  • Life expectancy: 12 to 16 years
  • Weight: 40 to 70 pounds
  • Height: 17 to 19 inches
  • Personality: Self-assured, clever, friendly

Siberian Huskies:

These sledge dogs are powerful canines that were bred to commit to strenuous physical activities. These dogs have historically served the US army in World War II as search and salvage canines.

  • Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
  • Weight: 35 to 60 pounds
  • Height: 20 to 23.5 inches
  • Personality: Faithful, confident, naughty


The Boxer is a cousin to the bulldog family and works very well when assigned tasks involving manual labour. These dogs are extremely sensitive towards and protective of their owners and family.

  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12  years
  • Weight: 50 to 70 pounds
  • Height: 20 to 25  inches
  • Personality: Zestful, smart, courageous

Dogo Argentino:

These Argentinian locals were originally bred as game chasers including both wild hogs and panthers. These muscular dogs make for courageous sidekicks in outdoor adventures.

  • Life expectancy: 9 to 15 years
  • Weight: 80 to 100 pounds
  • Height: 23.5 to 27 inches
  • Personality: Jolly, respectful

Great Dane:

These dogs measure more than average as puppies and grow up to be as tall as 33 inches. They feature a prominent stature and make for loyal companions.

  • Life expectancy: 6 to 8 years
  • Weight: 100 to 120 pounds
  • Height: 29 to 33 inches
  • Personality: Loyal, reticent, self-assured

German Shepherd:

These famous police dogs are known to be fierce protectors and bred for an active lifestyle. You may find them in an airport or in your nearest K-9 unit as service dogs.

  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years
  • Weight: 50 to 90 pounds
  • Height: 20 to 26 inches
  • Personality: Smart, vigilant, acquiescent

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