Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media is not just a platform for socializing but an emotion. Millions and billions of tweets, shares, likes and comments make your existence much more praise worthy and valuable. Well, that’s not the truth rationally but societal tendencies have definitely made people believe in that way. If you have posted a pic of yours and there aren’t 100 or 1,000 likes, wow, heart, or even Ha Ha symbol on it, you are not doing well. That’s how most people think and technically speaking, that’s the psyche of men and women nowadays. But not everything that glitters is gold. So, let’s focus on the pros and cons of social media and find out how the frenzy let loose by Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s YouTube, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams’s Twitter and Evan Spiegel’s Snapchat has impacted the society. 

Pros of Social Media 

World Under One Roof 

The best use case of social networking or social media is the vast reach that it promises. Whether you are looking for friends or pitching your business ideas or marketing your product or services, social media is a euphoria to look forward to. Multiple likes, shares, subscribe and connect options can help you grow your business or your list of friends in a flash. In this way, you can communicate with people from different cultures, traditions and backgrounds and get to know about them. 

General Fun & Entertainment 

It is a wonderful medium for the fun and entertainment that you want in your life. When you open Facebook, there are many news feeds and videos that come one after another. As that happens, you are tempted to view one video after another. Not just the video, you even get tempted to talk to a large number of people at one point in time. The easy-to-chat feature given on these social media platforms helps you connect to your friends and families when you are lonely and stressed. 

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Cons of Social Media 

Information Bombardment

There is technically an information bombardment on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Snapchat and Instagram. Sometimes it might be too much to handle these information bombardments. It also leads to a lot of time wastage due to the information bombardment. For example, if you are surfing through Facebook and it happens that you came across one video that tempted you to watch it. You clicked on that video and it will direct you to a different zone. After the video gets completed, another video of the same type will appear and you will be tempted to watch that as well. The chain continues and if you wanted to take a short break from your work for entertainment and started watching one video for refreshment, it ends up wasting the considerable time of yours as you are tempted to watch the videos one after another. So, it is like an addiction and that happens because of the over bombardment of information. 

Privacy Or Data Issues

All the data and everything that you like and prefers can be manipulated, used and traded for multiple profitable purposes. You can very well relate to the Facebook data leak to influence the US presidential election. So, all the data and the privacy that you have always wanted to maintain lies in the hands of the organizer and owners of these social media platforms. 

However, if you take precautions and understand the benefits of social media, you can utilize social media platforms to your advantage.


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