January 21 History

According to Gregory calendar, January 21, the day number 365 in a year and if it is a leap year then the day number is 366. January 21 has its own special significance in India and world history.

Here you will find some important events that happened today in Indian and world History on January 21. Read on to know more about this day.

List of Important Historical events of 21st January:

  • 1726: Conventical Act adopted in Sweden.
  • 1732: Russia and Persia sign the Treaty of Reascha, Russia will no longer claim territories based on the terms of the agreement.
  • 1737: Three lakh people died due to terrible storm in Bay of Bengal.
  • 1809: The first book of geology in American was published by ‘William’ McLure.
  • 1921: The Communist Party of Italy is founded in the city of Livorno.
  • 1924: Viladmir Elich Aulianov, the leader of the communist revolution, known as Lenin, died in the former Soviet Union.
  • 1930: Edwin Eugene Aldrin, the second man to step on the moon, is born.
  • 1936: The British Emperor George V died.
  • 1941: The United States lifts the trade embargo on the Soviet Union, which was imposed during the Winter War.
  • 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the President of the United States for the fourth time.
  • 1959: European Human Rights Court is established.
  • 1960: Launch escape system of Little Mercury spacecraft, Little Joe 1B flew experimental.
  • 1963: Shivpujan Sahai, a well-known novelist, storyteller, editor and journalist of Hindi literature, died.
  • 1964: India’s great spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar made his Test debut. He took a total of five wickets in the match played against England in Mumbai.
  • 1973: Communist League established in Denmark.
  • 1980: US President Jimmy Carter announces boycott of Moscow Olympics.
  • 1986: First federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 1994: Lorraine Bobbitt is found not guilty by reason of insanity on charges of killing her husband John.
  • 1996: Nearly 340 people died after a boat capsized near the Sumatra coast of Indonesia.
  • 2008: India successfully launched an spy satellite of Israel and installed it in Polar Arbit.
  • 2009: A pilot was killed when an air force training aircraft Surya Kiran crashed in Bidar, Karnataka.

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