January 26 History

According to Gregory calendar, January 26, the day number 365 in a year and if it is a leap year then the day number is 366. January 26 has its own special significance in India and world history.

Here you will find some important events that happened today in Indian and world History on January 26. Read on to know more about this day.

List of Important Historical events of 26th January:

  • 1556: Mughal ruler Humayun died due to falling from the stairs.
  • 1736: Stanislav I of Poland abdicates his throne.
  • 1748: Britain, Netherlands, Austria and Sardinia sign anti-France treaty.
  • 1788: Australia becomes a colony of Britain.
  • 1837: Michigan was made the 26th province of America.
  • 1837: Michigan becomes the 26th state of the United States.
  • 1888: Lawn Tennis Association established in England.
  • 1905: The world’s largest 3106 carat diamond, Cullinan, was excavated in South Africa.
  • 1905: Russian army surrenders at Port Arthur of the Qing Dynasty of China.
  • 1931: Hungary-Austria signs peace treaty.
  • 1950: (i) The Constitution of India was passed after nearly 100 years of British rule and democracy was established in this country.
  • 1956: Winter Olympics begin in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy.
  • 1958: 167 people died after the Japanese ferry drowned near the southern Awaji island of Nankai.
  • 1972: The National Memorial Amar Jawan Jyoti was established at India Gate in Delhi.
  • 1977: Katimvik is established as a volunteer service organization for Canadian youth.
  • 1978: The American Conspiracy resulted in a humiliating agreement called Camp David.
  • 1980: Israel and Egypt establish diplomatic relations
  • 1981: Vayudoot air service started.
  • 1982: Mouno Koivisto was elected President of Finland.
  • 1988: Phantom of the Opera, the longest running Broadway play inaugurated.
  • 2001: Western parts of India and many parts of Pakistan were affected by a major earthquake that caused thousands of people to fall asleep, as well as over 20,000 people in Gujarat.
  • 2004: Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai signed the country’s new constitution.
  • 2006: Western Union discontinues ICT wire service.
  • 2014: A tourist boat sank in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, killing 21 people.

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