July 05 History

July is the seventh month of the year in our modern-day Gregorian calendar. In older versions of the ancient Roman calendar, July was the fifth month of the year. July was previously called Quintilis in Latin as it was the fifth month in the ancient Roman calendar. It became the seventh month when January and February were added to the calendar.

July was originally Quintilis, the fifth month of the year in the Roman calendar and consisted of 31 days. Its name was changed during the Julian calendar reform in 45 BCE to honor Julius Caesar.

According to Gregory calendar, the day number 365 in a year and if it is a leap year then the day number is 366. July 05 has its own special significance in India and world history.

In modern times, July also has 31 days. It is the warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and coldest month in the Southern hemisphere.

Here you will find some important events that happened today in Indian and world History on July 05. Read on to know more about this day.

List of Important Historical events of 05 July:

  • 1658: Mughal ruler Aurangzeb imprisons his elder brother Murad Bakhsh.
  • 1811: Venezuela declares its independence from the Spanish Empire.
  • 1841: Thomas Cook arranges his first railway tour in England.
  • 1848: Hungary’s National Revolutionary Parliament begins functioning.
  • 1922: The first general election takes place in the Netherlands.
  • 1924: A military rebellion ensues in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1954: BBC broadcasts the first television news bulletin. It had a duration of 20 minutes and was prepared in advance.
  • 1962: A massacre in Oran, Algeria, killed 96 people.
  • 1962: France liberates Algeria.
  • 1968: India’s first submarine arrived from Soviet Russia.
  • 1969: Kenyan Development Minister, Tom Boya, is assassinated.
  • 1975: American tennis player Arthur Ash Wimbledon was the first black to win a singles competition.
  • 1981: Rajan Mahadevan created a world record by calculating 31 thousand 811 digits of ‘pie’ of mathematics.
  • 1986: The Goodwill Games were held in Moscow.
  • 1998 “Successfully tested anti-tank missile” Nag “.
  • 1999: United States declaration of ban on Taliban.
  • 2003: Severe acute respiratory syndrome announced by the World Health Organization.
  • 2004: First presidential election was held in Indonesia.
  • 2004: Greece made history by winning the Euro Cup 2004 football competition.
  • 2013: A bomb attack on a mosque in Iraq’s capital Baghdad kills 15 people.
  • 2015: 7th Women’s “Football World Cup: United States defeated Japan 5-2 in Vancouver.

The Most Important Historical events of July Month

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