Happy Daughters Day Quotes

Daughter’s Day is a day in which the family celebrates the daughter’s happiness. This day is celebrated throughout the world including in India. Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. Just like we celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to honour our parents, in the same way, we celebrate Daughters Day to honour our daughters. You can make this day extra special for your daughters by ensuring that you treat them with respect and love, not just today but throughout the year. Today is Daughter’s Day and you can make your gorgeous one feel special with these daughters day quotes, messages and greetings

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“My daughter is so loving, with a heart of gold, Always my baby, even when I’m old Your love shines through, for all to see, I feel so proud, you’re a part of me.”

My daughter is so loving

“No matter how old you get, You will always be my little girl. I love you my dearest daughter.”

“A daughter is God’s way of saying, May you have a happy life ahead, She understands and she cares, Motherhood is a path to tread, Happy Daughter’s Day.”

Cherish Girl

“Daughters are loving, daughters are kind, A beautiful heart, a thoughtful mind, You are my star, I am proud to say, Wish you a Happy Daughter’s Day.”

“Daughter is a beautiful part of you, Magical, mysterious and always new, Let’s celebrate and have a blast today, Wish you a happy Daughters’ Day.”

“Daughters are angels Sent from above, To fill our heart With unending love, Happy Daughter’s Day”

“I asked God for a blessing, and He gave me you.”

You are my star

“You are the only woman I don’t mind competing with for your father’s attention.”

“I can’t wait for you to have a daughter….so you can know the joy I do.”

“My daughter….saying that never gets old.”

“A mother doesn’t want to see herself in her daughter; she wants to see a better woman.”

“When she was younger, she was my challenge…now that she is older, she is my treasure.”

Smile of My Daughter

“A mother’s joy is full when her daughter becomes a mother as well.”

“There will be days you will wish you were back in your mother’s arms, and you can always come home to them.”

“My daughter is the biggest gift; I’ve said it so many times and it sounds like a cliche, but the thing about being a parent is when you think you’ve cracked it, and you’re on top of your game, they change again and you have to catch up and adjust. I feel such a responsibility to instil good values in her, to be polite, to have discipline.”

“I feel so lucky to have both a son and a daughter because there’s a different relationship with each of them.”

“You may be all grown up now, but you will always be a little girl to me. The only difference is that my love for you now is so much stronger, deeper, and bigger!”

“I love all that you are, not only because you are my daughter, but because you have a good heart and a strong spirit. Keep doing me proud, sweet doll!”


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