Is Spotify Premium Worth It

Since there are numerous music platforms being available in the market for you that provide good quality music. It becomes a very complicated question to find an answer on which music provider will be worth it for you. However, one of the best music platforms that we will discuss here in this article is “Spotify”. Yes! Spotify is considered to be one of the excellent music streaming providers with more than 40 million users from across the globe. Experiencing the best music service, podcast, and videos related to their interest. For your better understanding, we will also provide information regarding why one should choose Spotify over other music apps, How much does Spotify premium costs, and how to create a Spotify premium account and lastly we’ll understand if Spotify premium is worth it or not?

Why Choose Spotify Over The Other Music Apps?

Spotify is considered to be one of the best music streaming platforms. Furthermore, this flexible music provider offers various services all at free of cost. So, if you want to listen to your favorite songs all at free of cost without any worry then, spotify is the best option among the others. Apart from this, you can use the music app “spotify” on any device such as windows, macOS or Android. In addition to this, spotify has been providing this exceptional services since 2006 such as:

  • 3 months premium for free
  • ad-free music listening
  • offline playback
  • millions of different songs
  • no credit card is required.

All you need to do is to click right away and get started. Now let’s head towards the pricing structure of spotify.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Costs?

Since this music platform does provide various and exceptional music services all at free of costs. However, it does have numerous plans the starting plan will cost around at $0.092 per month. Furthermore, investing on spotify premium is a great option you must go forward with. As you can get any music based on your mood and it also offers good introduction with no specific time limit. Besides, it comes with various plans such as:

Spotify mini at ($0.092 per month & applicable on 1 account)Spotify Individual at ($1.57 per month & applicable on 5 devices)Spotify duo at ($2.18 per month & applicable on 2 devices)Spotify family ($2.63 per month & applicable on 6 devices)
Under this, you get to listen music ad-free on mobile, group session and you can download 30 songs on 1 mobile device.With this 30 days free plan, you get to listen to ad-free music, group session and download 10K songs/device on 5 devices.  With this plan you will be getting 1 month free version also is best best for couples. Besides,  features like listen to ad-free songs, group session and download 10K songs/device on 5 devices per account.With the spotify family plan, you will be getting 1 month free trial, wherein this plan is best for family purposes, blocks explicit music, listen to music ad-free, group session and download 10K songs/device on 5 devices 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spotify Premium?

Spotify is considered as top music streaming platform it also has few positive points as well as negative points such as:

Pros Of Spotify PremiumCons Of Spotify Premium
Ad-free music is provide in all the plans Groups SessionAccess to various content on spotify like podcasts, videosOffers advanced social features  Family plan is at high rate than compared to the apple’s musicYou can’t play offline songs if you didn’t get a premium planYou would not be able to listen to the live radio stations.

How To Create Spotify’s Premium Account?

To create spotify premium account, we have provided few steps that you can follow easily such as:

  • Install the spotify app on your device
  • There will a premium option given to you on the top
  • “Click” on that option
  • Various plans regarding what spotify offers will be shown to you
  • If you want to try the plans of spotify premium click on get started on any of the plans you wish to go with.
  • Afterwards, you can either continue with your Facebook account or log in with your username/email address and password. However, if you don’t have an account on spotify then, sign up.
  • After that, you will be shifted towards a page wherein they will ask you whether you want to start with free trial plan or pay for it
  • If you go with the trial version then, after a specific time period they will ask you pay the price of the plan you chose.
  • “Start my spotify premium” will be shown to you in the green button. Press on that, and there you are with your favorite music.

If these steps doesn’t work for you to create Spotify premium account then you must have to use any of the VPN softwares. You can go with any of then but we suggest you to use ExpressVPN and Surfshark. Both companies also includes ExpressVPN discount deals and surfshark vouchers. So you can easily get them at a very cheap rate to save some money.

The Bottom Line

As we have gone through the deep analysis of “Is spotify premium worth it”. We came to understand about this platform more in deep. Moreover the information being provided to you under this guide is true under our research. Apart from this we have also provided, FAQs in the last for your better understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have found our guide on “Is spotify premium worth it” helpful in regards to your decision on investing your money on it. However, you must have some queries regarding “is spotify premium worth it 2022”. So, for the same we have provided our best possible answers as well.

Why Is Spotify Better Than Its Competitors?

Yes! As spotify lets the users access any music, podcast, videos online at free of cost and also provides exceptional social features as well.

Is Spotify For Free?

Spotify does provide a 3 months premium free plan. Moreover, it also recommends you to buy spotify’s premium plan for more advanced features.

How Is Spotify Safe?

The honest answer to this is yes!, as it comes on the top music streaming platform in the world. Furthermore, it provides up-to-date features, so it keeps your data private at the same time.

Why Should I Not Use Spotify?

Its biggest disadvantage is to provide huge number of ads to those whoever has chosen the free plan and not the premium plan.

Is Spotify  Better Than Apple Music?

Spotify and apple music both come as one of the top music streaming providers. Besides, apple music and spotify both are providing 3 Months free plan. Yet Spotify provides better advanced and social features as compared to Apple music.


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