Know about Microscope

Get to Know Your Microscope

Know about Microscope: Microscopes can be defined as a scientific instruments which are used to see a small objects or particals by magnifying it. There are many types of microscope are available for use including optical, fluorescent microscope, electron and x-ray. The microscopes have varied applications and modifications according to their contribution to their usefulness. The most common type of microscope is the optical version which forms images from visible light by using lenses.

Microscope Anatomy

Here in this infographic of, you will find the relevant literary quotes and a visual timeline of the evolution of microscopy.

Get to Know Your Microscope

Quick Facts about Microscope

  • Microscope are most commonly used to study minute objects and have been used in various forms for more than 3,000 years.
  • The first ever microscope was originally used to study insect. This is also the reason why it got the name ‘Flea Glass’.
  • Any type of microscope gets its magnifying power by multiplying the power of the respective objective lenses.

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