Various ways robots could challenge humans

Robots are machines and can outperform humans in many ways. There are multiple challenges on the work or production floor when the business process or activity is handled manually. These challenges can be due to skill issues or will issues. The skill issue is because the training of employees in a business is not done properly. Whereas the will issue is because the employee is showing ignorance while performing the business activity. Let us see the various ways robots could challenge humans?

Here are some ways robots can beat us

The business process that involves Repetition

When a business process involves a continuous process of repetition then it is seen that the efficiency of the employee increases with due course of time. However, robots will be accurate and 100% accurate in performing the same business activity without making any mistakes.

Robots will beat us on the precision of completion of a task

For any business completion of a task with precision is required. To attain this level of efficiency in workers is a difficult task and requires a supervised system with a hierarchy. That too will be complex in review for completion of a task. However, robots can outperform us in precision or way of completing the task without errors. Using robots where the precision in completion of work is required will be a wise decision for any new entrepreneurs.

Immunity to Hazardous

Some production floors or workplaces are hazardous and hence adequate safety measures are required which increases the cost of the overall project. Since robots do not need any such safety requirements and are immune to those hostile places hence using robots will be a wise decision. This can be useful in nuclear power plants.

Transaction of money

Distribution of salary was manual if we consider a time of decade or before. However, these days automated payment system and ATMs has made our life easier for withdrawal of money, transfer of money through UPIs, etc. So the person need not manage the cash but digital currency can be used instead. We can use robots to calculate the cash quickly. The time taken for manual calculation would not only take time but there is the possibility of human error as well.

A task that involves intense labour

Some tasks are energy exhausting and hence have a limitation when they are done manually. Things like harvesting, surveying, etc. can be done effectively if we get these done through robots. The energy of the employees may vary from person to person and time to time. Energy is directly linked with the psychological pressure and economical condition of the person at a particular time. Since robots are unaffected by these factors hence use of robots where intense labour is required will help us to gain productivity with efficiency.

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Application of robots in various fields

Today we can implement robotic process automation in any sector. We can automate the banking work, Tax collecting works, Document verification for government recruitment, and other service-based activities. We can also use robots for the automation of logistics, and production in factories or industries.


When it comes to efficiency, precision in completion of a task, or intense laborious task implementing RPA or robotic process automation would be a wise decision.

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